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Ensure is the brand name of nutritional supplements and meal replacements manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. A 237-ml (8-fl oz) bottle of Ensure Original contains 220 calories, six grams of fat, 15 grams of sugar, and nine grams of protein. The top six ingredients are water, corn maltodextrin, sugar, milk protein concentrate, canola oil, and soy protein isolate.

A distressed mother mentioned, "I want to bring under your kind attention Ensure for alarming & depressing experience. Product: ENSURE Regular I drank the Ensure Milk and gave the milk to our kid, after having couple of mouthful he started throwing up badly for few hours. His face turned red and had severe abdominal pain. We have to rush him to the hospital. When we checked the bottle it was spoiled curdled milk packed in a sealed packed bottle.

It was a horrifying experience and level of health risk to the kids, I want to complaint about the product and the company to sell this perilous products.

I have the product (Spoiled Milk Bottle) for proof and further investigation."


Tell the world why Ensure sucks!

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Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"All... Can not be defined in this box.. Management pathetic,"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No respect towards the employee They will recruit as technical support but it's a call centre nothing to do technical. No scope of learning Everyone job is in stake. Managers till ceo all are waste senior fellows scratching the seat with no management skills to monitor and change the operation simply blaming the low level employees. Fraud HR people they will tell double pay for working on govt holidays and they will give same salary but will try to give justification considering we all are fools and we can simply take what they say if we ask any question manager will say put paper and go. This is the 1st company I'm seeing technical manager with such low skill set in IT but simply blame other efficient employee telling they don't have skill set. General manager is very down to earth person he will come down to employee's sitting on lunch break and ask us to do productive discussion :-D I saw plastic ban in India but First company to ban tissue paper as a part of cost cutting initiative :-D"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"No learning Very low package Internal politics."

Former Employee - Territory Manager says

"no cons. great company and management"

Former Employee - Call Coordinator says

"Work pressure And management issues"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"No expect Increment or Variable"

Former Employee - Customer Support Engineer says

"No appraisals.No career growth.Unnecessary pressure."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"HR ,management not Gud also while leaving company face lot of difficulties for getting reliving docs and also top level management made fake promises for appraisal..."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"Very less career growth and support."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No cons to work there as a technical support engg"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very stressful place to work, and have no benefits. Mike is okay as a boss. Want you to work for practically nothing with long hours."

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I loved this office and the people I worked with. I was very happy and enjoyed the work."

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